Best Places For Celebrating Valentine’s Day

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Best Places For Celebrating Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day simply around the corner, I began believing regarding what I would certainly do for my present sweetheart. Although I am not taking her anywhere, I considered whether we ‘d ever go to a location where I have actually currently had a romantic experience. Would it be awkward? Would I unconsciously attempt to recreate my previous experiences or particularly stay clear of the destinations, dining establishments, and resorts I’ve been to previously? As the psychological checklist of the romantic places I have actually gone to developed in my mind, I obtained the ideas for this blog post. So, without additional ado, these are the 5 most romantic areas to celebrate Valentine’s Day, according to me!



As one of the most noticeable choice for an intimate trip, Venice cranks up the love also if you’re travelling solo. I have actually been lucky sufficient to go to several times and it has everything you could need to rekindle an old flame or, in my case, stimulate a brand-new one: gondolas, canals, as well as old, Italian guys. Wait, what? Yep, one of the most charming moments of my life entailed daydreaming with my new sweetheart on a park bench neglecting the lagoon, when two old Italian people walking past said something regarding “amore”. Much better wingmen do not exist.

The Maldives


Maybe one of the most private collection of islands I’ve been to, The Maldives use crystal-clear waters, high-end coastline huts, as well as a glow-in-the-dark coastline. However, the creatures that create the natural lightshow took the week off while we existed. However, maybe much more so than anywhere else I have actually been, it really felt like we were the last 2 people on Earth, which is always romantic. My only remorse was losing a few dozen hours prior to the journey trying to discover French when the large majority of individuals don’t even speak it!



As one of my favorite cities, I may be a little biased regarding the degree of romance Prague supplies. There’s simply something about the Middle ages style, underground clubs, as well as gaslamps that transports you as well as your liked one into some type of Bohemian fairy tale. Nevertheless, below’s a word of advising to any kind of lovebirds planning a romantic excursion of Prague: Czech women are famously lovely. Attempt not to obtain caught looking and ruin the state of mind, like I did.



What’s more charming than watching the sunset from the rim of a volcano that may or may not have been the ideas for Plato’s Atlantis? That’s right, nothing. Santorini is the ideal place for every lover. For us, the highlights were getting volcanic glass on the coastline and also what we called the Greek Beach Trifecta, which includes sunbathing on three separate white, red, as well as black sand beaches in the exact same 24-hour period. The lowlight was trying to aid my friend with her cravings by clumsily wrecking a half-eaten gyro right into her face. Oops.

You can also book a romantic Santorini Tour.



Savannah may be one of the most unusual and also the very least well-known choice for a charming rendezvous; yet, this city has all the mystery and appeal of a southerly romance book. The colonial residences, Spanish moss, and also the reality that everyone greets you on the street creates a truly wonderful experience. I highly advise making a booking for one of the finer dining establishments set inside an old colonial residence. It makes for an unforgettably romantic meal.

Ok, I lied. I have actually only been to 4 out of these 5 areas. In the comments below, make your guess regarding which area I’ve yet to visit.


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